Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blosics 2

    Ever tried using a slingshot? This game will let you prove your skill. It is a very energetic game with the purpose of bringing down specific colored blocks to gain points and to finish a level. Each level has a certain rule to follow. The platform is very well made. The movement of the ball and the blocks are very real. To start the game, select a ball that you want to use. There are 5 to choose from each, with a corresponding amount that deducts from your score every time a ball of that size is used. The bigger the ball, the higher the amount, as it gets bigger it can hit a bigger space therefore bring down larger number of blocks. After choosing a ball of choice, you can now throw the ball through the blocks by placing your pointer at the yellow circle and holding the left mouse button. You then drag it and aim the trajectory very much like a slingshot. The longer you pull, the faster the ball will travel. Releasing the button will shoot out the ball and then watch the blocks fly all over the place. A very fun game with 30 levels that will surely get you hooked. Instructions for this Pogo game: Ingame tutorial tells you everything you should know :)


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