Monday, September 27, 2010

Turn Based Battle

    This is a battle RPG based game that is filled with funny dialogs and text. You cannot finish the game without reading a funny line or two. The game starts off in front of a house with you playing as James, a commoner that wants to do find the legendary magic crystals. With only a folded newspaper in your grasp, you head on to the open field. Then suddenly the battle starts. You are confronted by a small round like creature. If you defeat it, it will transform into a bigger monster and call for reinforcements. It goes on along the game and you have to fight the continuously morphing creature. You get added help on every level as comrades join in to fight the battle with you. Items can be bought at the shop and you can use this to replenish your health and magic powers. You can purchase magic spells that can be used on the enemy. It has one spell that can damage all monsters in one casting. While the other spells give adequate damage to a single creature. Weapons can also be bought for maximum damage. The pricier the item, the more powerful it becomes. It is a fun game and the ending song is absolutely funny.


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